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The mission of Ms. Wheelchair Alabama America Inc. is to provide an opportunity for achievement of women who happen to be wheelchair users to successfully educate and advocate for the more than 54 million Americans living with disabilities, and to uplift the communities in Alabama where they live through awareness, education, and community service programs.  Our organization has two goals each year: 1) to award one education scholarship and one need grant per year–these are open to any female wheelchair user that meets the eligibility criteria, and 2) crown a new title holder at our Annual State Competition for Ms. Wheelchair Alabama America—she will go on to compete nationally at the Ms. Wheelchair America Competition.

Ms Wheelchair Alabama America 2020

Karneshia Shantel Patton

Karneshia Shantel, best known as K.Shantel, is a model and disability influencer hailing from Senatobia, Mississippi that has taken the runway by storm in what she considers both her best friend and her worst enemy – her infamous purple wheelchair. K. Shantel has had a love-hate relationship with her chair since the age of three after an early diagnosis of spina bifida. Spina bifida is a birth defect in which an infant’s spine is underdeveloped that caused her to not have use of her legs. Nonetheless, she is defying the odds by showing the world that you don’t have to be of a certain build, height, or even have the ability to walk in order to strut your stuff down the runway. She believes the standard of beauty should not be confined to one category but instead show inclusiveness of people from all walks of life — no pun intended.

Eligibility Requirements for Competition Contestants


you must be a U.S. female citizen to enter 


You must be 21 years or older


You must be able to demonstrate effective communication skills


Use a wheelchair or scooter for 100% of her public mobility

State Rule

Be a resident of Alabama for the last 6 months prior to pageant application

Role Model

be available to act as a representative for people with disabilities

The Cool Bit

You must attend the Ms. Wheelchair America national pageant if chosen as the State Winner

See where you could be going below

Nationals is in Little Rock, Arkansas August 17-23, 2020

Ms Wheelchair America

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